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Visit DEDA’s official website ( and select “Availability Check”. Enter your exact address and the requested information. Select submit. Immediately afterwards, a message appears informing you whether you are inside or outside DEDA’s network.

If you are in the network, you will receive an email to the email address you have registered with a unique code to enable you to log in to myDEDA online platform and manage your application online.

Yes. If you select the field “I agree to receive information when it becomes possible to connect my property to natural gas”, then your address will be added to the streets with expressions of interest and will be taken into consideration for the future expansion of DEDA’s network. As soon as your property is included in the network extension planning, you will be informed by a representative of our company.

On the official website of DEDA, in the field “Customers” you can see the documents required according to the category you belong to (residential, commercial, industrial consumers, public organizations). For all residential customers it is necessary to present a photocopy of ID and a declaration of the ownership status of the property.

The maximum and minimum food consumption may be explicitly requested. (in nm3/h) as well as the operating pressure of natural gas appliances. In any case it is recommended to contact the engineer who will undertake the internal installation study before submitting the application.

After the correct submission of the data and documents, next step is the autopsy of the property to define the location of the meter and the signing of the connection contract, so that the supply can be constructed and activated.

A message will be sent to you on myDEDA platform and to your personal email to proceed with the necessary corrections.

You will need to be authorized by the property’s owner to sign the contract and when submitting the application correctly, register the owner’s details.

DEDA provides a 100% discount on connection fees for residential customers (central and autonomous heating) and commercial enterprises or professionals (excluding industries). The only condition for interested parties to receive this discount is the on time activation of their connection from the construction of the delivery point.

After the construction of the delivery point is completed, the consumer must activate the connection within a certain period of time defined by the contract. If the activation deadline is not met, then consumers are charged the connection fees.

In order to conclude a connection contract, it is necessary to provide responsible declarations regarding the ownership status of the property to be connected. In the responsible declaration, everyone who has a right to the property (ownership, small ownership, usufructuary) declares the type and extent of the right they hold. With this responsible declaration, authorization to sign the connection agreement can be provided.
The Responsible Declaration must bear the original signature, or be issued electronically via

Fill in the current address and in the “Remarks” field refer to the original data. If there is a certificate for the current numbering of the street, it is recommended that it be presented together with the application.

In the field of the application entitled “Comments” you can inform us about it. In any case the owner should secure any necessary permits. Also, the engineer who will prepare the indoor installation study for the connection should take these limitations into account.

It is recommended that you contact the engineer who will commission the study or the works to inform you.

1st STEP: Interior Installation Study
After receiving the contract and the “hard copy”, you can contact the engineering of your choice to prepare the study of the internal installation. In case the property already has a natural gas supply, you can submit a study even before the contract and the printed connection are sent.

2nd STEP: Consideration of an Interior Installation Study
Once the engineer has completed the internal installation study, he must submit it to DEDA in order to be considered.

Submission is by mail to:

2-4 Mesogeion Avenue, Athens Tower, 11th Floor, Department of Studies
P.C. 11527
3rd STEP: Construction of Internal Installation
Once the study has been considered, you can proceed with the construction of the indoor installation, from the meter to the points of use by an installer of your choice. The internal installation must have been built with the study considered above.

4th STEP: Contract with Provider
Before submitting the post-mortem request, you must have contracted with a natural gas supplier of your choice in order to be supplied. The company you choose should have a Natural Gas supply license from the Energy Regulatory Authority ( PAE ).
5th STEP: Autopsy request and activation
Upon completion of indoor facility construction, submit a necropsy request. By appointment, a representative of the company will visit the facility to confirm that the construction of the indoor facility was done according to the considered study. A prerequisite for conducting an autopsy is the confirmed existence of a provider in order to activate the installation and supply it with gas at the same time.

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